Our Approach

At Green Spiral we are interested in all aspects of the development of the person. So we see that language learning is only coherent and complete when there is communication and a real encounter with other human experiences and with our environment.

When learning takes place in a concrete context it acquires a greater significance because it is part of the development and transformation of the person. For this reason our language programmes deliberately combine adventure tourism and ecological living with a focus on intercultural and personal discovery. The courses are designed so that learning occurs within a very personal experience, with less emphasis on the formal context.

We help participants to build confidence in themselves and in each other, so that they are elevated to a position from which it is possible to have fun and to learn almost without realizing it!

This novel methodology sees the acquisition of a second language as an adventure instead of a passive learning process.

Formal classes link up dynamically with activities which demand more active interaction between participants. Our language facilitators are available to enrich this experience in active education. We don’t disconnect when we are most needed!

At Green Spiral we believe that individuals are all born with the tools necessary for their own development as human beings. For that reason our work is to facilitate the awakening of these processes in a natural way.


Green Spiral
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